All KA-BAR products are guaranteed to be in mint, factory fresh condition, original, without defect, and are backed by KA-BAR Inc. with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Legendary KA-BAR knives have been serving our men and women of the armed forces since before
World War II, and these historical knives are still the #1 choice of our deployed military personnel today.

Soldiers, Hunters, Campers, and Sportsmen alike have come to respect KA-BAR products for their lasting quality and fine craftsmanship.

When you need rugged durable quality,
count on KA-BAR !

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A portion of our sales are donated to the military support organizations listed on our
"Support Our Troops" page.
KA-BAR D2 Extreme Ultimate Fighting Utility Knife Line.
KA-BAR All Black Tactical Knife Collection.
KA-BAR U.S.M.C. Special Presentation Knife, a honoring tribute to any Marine.
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TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES is an online KA BAR knife store.
We offer a full line of guaranteed quality KA-BAR knives of many different styles.
We offer an array of knives, including Military Fighting Utility knives, Tactical knives, Pocket knives, Hunting knives, Police Law Enforcement knives, and much more!
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Historical Military Commemorative Knife Collection.
The Bull Dozier Fixed Blade designed by World Renown Bob Dozier
TDI Law Enforcement Back Up Self-Defense Concealment Knife Series Designed by Internationally Acclaimed John Benner.
KA-BAR US Navy MARK 1 Fighting Utility Knife Series
KA-BAR Heavy Duty MULE Folding Knife Series.
KA-BAR Bowie Knives.
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Original Classic Designed  Hunting, Fishing, Camping Knives.
ZK Zombie Killer Fighting Utility Knife Collection
The Original World Famous Ethan Becker Designed USA Made Knife Series
Heavy Duty Camping / Combat / Brush Machetes Series
Furniture Grade Hard Wood Locking Knife Display Cases.
KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knife Collection
INHIBITOR Premium VCI Oil Blend V80
KA-BAR-Legendary Knives with a History of Excellance, Service and Quality Since 1898.
KA-BAR G10 Folding Pocket Knives Line
Bob Dozier Designed Folding Pocket Knives
WARTHOG 3rd Generation Folding Knives